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What is inlcuded

The dog commandment training kit includes the commandment training collar and 3 commandment leashes. ┬áSizes to choose from include Small and Large. Small fitting dogs with neck sizes from 13-18″ and Large fitting dogs with neck sizes between 16-24″

Dog Commandment Training Kit

Dog Commandment Training Kit SM $24.99 / LG $25.99 :

Individual and Replacement Components

The first leash is the 12 foot commandment leash used in distance training such as come and down from a distance. This leash is also used for walking or running your dog, and allows a long lead line to grab when first starting off leash training.


12 ft Leash

12' Commandment Leash $7.99 :


The second leash is the 6 foot leash. This leash is used in closer training excersises such as sit, down and is a shorter lead line to be used as your dog progresses with off leash training.

6 foot leash

6' Commandment Leash $6.99 :


The 3rd commandment leash is an 8 inch lead line used as your dog progresses through its training. Gives you the ability correct your dog without having to grab the collar directly. This line does not get in your pets way but still hangs on your dogs neck giving them the feeling that you are still connected to them in some way.

8 inch leash

8" Commandment Leash $4.99 :


The Commandment Collar is a high quality Guardian Gear choke style training collar. It is adjustable allowing growth for your dog. Available in 2 sizes. Adjustable from 13-18″ and 16-24″


Commandment CollarDog Commandment Collar SM $7.50 / LG $8.50 :

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